"Sharks Tooth"

"Sharks Tooth"
Found in Vermont

Monday, May 14, 2012

Yankee Gold Prospecting Adventures Suplies & Resources

Hello fellow prospectors.

As I see many people getting into the interest & hobby of gold prospecting, I am hoping to set up a website & Prospecting Association.  Which will help most every prospector in New England maximize their experience.   

There will be a annual fee to join the club but after that you will receive enough good info on where to prospect that you will easily make that up in the gas you will save.   Along with having me with you on several trips per year to help teach you to better your skills.
My goal in the Group Prospecting Club is to have an exclusive group of dedicated prospectors that are willing to help one another out on the water.   Club membership will give you a list of everyone who is in the group so that you have many contacts to go prospecting with in-between group outings.

  This is beneficial for many reason.

1st is Safety.  Making sure you always have someone with you while prospecting on the slippery river rocks.
Secondly, I will give everyone who joins our private prospecting club, access to my better  locations.

I am hopping to have at least one get together each month to a different location on some of the best streams I have found in New England.    Members only will be invited to these outings at no charge.  Just what ever expenses it takes you to get to the locations.   Hopefully we can also car pool.  This may allow some of  our prospecting buddies who may not be able to drive or shouldn't be alone on the water a chance to have a great time on the river.

Ultimately, I am hopping to create the best prospecting club in New England.  Where we can all have a great time together on the water.   Which I will lead you to some very good prospecting locations.  Guaranteed to find you gold.  Course I will be there to help everyone become more successful finding gold.

Supplies & Services;
I hope to have on the website the best priced suppliers anywhere.  I will not allow overpriced sellers to sponsor any pages on the site.  Flat out, I am  going to hook you up with the best suppliers.  Made in America Products.

Private trips;

I will still be offering private trips to those  who want to go out in a quieter environment.  Where I will put you on the very best gold I am finding.  Plus you will be able to hang out with me any time I am out on the river from then on.  Barring the times when I am on private trips.  But the areas I bring you to are a much yours as mine.

I have locations for high banking, sluicing and dredging.  With private land owner permission.  This makes prospecting much easier for all new comers to the hobby.

Keep an eye out for more info on the website.
Check us out on YouTube & Facebook. 
Search Yankee Gold Prospecting New England.

Or you can get in touch with me directly to book a prospecting Guided trip.
@ yankeegoldprospecting@yahoo.com
# (603) 581-4105.

Best Wishes in 2012


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Prospecting for gold in NE. Fun for everyone.

I have prospected for Gold, all over the Great State's of New Hampshire & Vermont.  There is some gold in most of the streams in each state.  I have found gold in Andover NH, all the way up to Pittsburg NH.  There are many books and information, written on such locations.  Love Google.  Use it.  However don't let that stop you from prospecting the brook in your back yard.  At the very least, I will bet you find some pretty Garnets.  They are not worth much, (most is used for sand paper), but they are heavy and will stay in the bottom of your pan.
  I have been successful finding gold in streams that no one else has worked for years.  It's a great time of serenity.  Hiking, a day in the woods, listening to a babbling brook and nature all around.  Some have not been worth the hike.  Only a few small flakes.  However, it is possible to find a mother load.  In NH, I would consider that one eighth of an ounce or more.  I know of one brook that has put more than a few pounds of gold into a major river in NH.  The reason I know that is the downstream side of the river is loaded with flower gold.  The upstream area of the river has near nothing.
  This is how you locate a glory hole.  Test spots, until you find chunkier gold.  When it starts to thin out, you know you have passed the source.  Could have just been in the mountain, crushed by the glaciers and deposited into the stream.  The source is near the heavy gold.  In mot cases, you won't find the chunky gold until you are nearing bedrock or clay.
The best and easiest access for gold in NH is by far The Wild Ammonoosuc River.  You can find gold from the start, in the White Mountain National Forest, all the way down to the Ammonoosuc River.
  You don't need to get permission to pan in the White Mountains but there is no dredging.  sluices must be 36" or less.  You are not allowed to use pry-bars or shovels.  Only hand tools for crevicing.  Private land is just that.  Posted or not.  You should always obtain permission to prospect.  Though the waters are managed by the state, the land and ALL the minerals and dirt belongs to the land owner.  (It is a privilege to prospect on someones private property).

  It is illegal to dredge in NH without a permit and written permission of the land owner.  Doing so without, could result in your tools being confiscated by the local police or forest ranger.
  Dredges shall be no more than 5hp motor and no larger than a 4" intake.

Do not undercut the riverbanks.  This leads to bank cave ins,  erosion, and worst of all will lead to the loss of a great hobby.  Think I jest.  Just ask all the prospectors in California.  They are no longer allowed to dredge for gold.  Not until further studies on the impact of dredging to the environment are completed.  That could take years.
  Don't be greedy.  Respect those whom allow you to pan on there property.  There is plenty of gold to be found.  No one is going to get rich but is a great hobby.  For families & friends.  Onces you find your first nugget, you will be hooked.

See you on the river,